Why are TMT Rebars the most essential construction material?

April 16, 2021
Steel Dealers

The term TMT stands for mechanical thermotherapy. TMT Steel Bars are made of this kind of technology. All kinds of buildings are made of concrete throughout the world, and they need to be strengthened to secure building structures. Strengthening means reinforcing the buildings with concrete. TMT Bar is the most important material used in the construction of the frame or base for this reinforcement procedure by the leading Steel Dealers in Chennai.

Why wisely select TMT Rebar?

We understand it only looks rich and unique from the outside if you keep your body inside healthy. The inner side of the building must first be unshakable just like this for a stronger building. This is why it is necessary to pick the best quality, TMT Rebar, from the best Steel Suppliers because this not only strengthens the building structure but provides the necessary flexibility to do so. But as analysts believe, buildings with these two qualities could help us save a building from natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, etc.

Save your budget, effort, and time

All people like to move fast like contractors in today’s life. Everyone wishes to complete their work promptly, be it for a standard construction project or a construction project. The very first goal is to construct a foundation for RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete), and then the whole structure can be constructed. However, when steel is involved, the process is enhanced.

The steel element has straight structures that make it faster than usual. Reinforced steel bars, columns, etc are also much lighter in weight and adaptable in nature, which reduces transport costs and increases the precision and sustainability of the production site.

Ensure your home’s safety against beauty

Who wouldn’t want a lovely home? However, it is always important to remember that before furnishings and eloquence, the security of your residence must be guaranteed. However, no matter how wonderful the layouts and ambiance are for your home, no matter how much you’ve invested in artworks and furnishings, all this can be done without a strong, flexible interior structure. Anytime accidents can occur. Select the best TMT Bar for your house from the leading Steel Suppliers in Chennai with the correct proportion of strength and flexibility. It must be remembered that certain areas are susceptible to earthquakes. Recently, structures and buildings around the world have been simultaneously destroyed. In almost all cases, there were feeble and inadequate building materials behind it. It will thus not be far from being said that TMT is the ideal choice for any building. Bharat Steels are the best Steel Dealers offering 20 percent more structural durability in comparison to standard steel bars whenever it tends to come to TMT.

Everything you need to know about Mild Steel angle

April 8, 2021
Steel Dealers

An MS angle, also known as a Mild Steel angle, is a cross-section with an L shape that is used in building several projects of houses and buildings. The far more common Mild Steel angles are those that form a 90-degree angle with two sides that are equal in length and width. Angles with uniform sides are referred to as equal angles, while those with one side larger than the other are referred to as unequal angles. Bharat Steels is a well-known manufacturer of Mild Steel angles and is one of the top Steel Dealers in Chennai. Our Mild Steel angles have superior mechanical properties and are extremely easy to weld, drill, and cut to meet the specific needs of each construction.

Bharat Steels’ have an equal and unequal MS angle, as a popular Mild Steel angle supplier, are highly versatile and can be used in a variety of engineering applications such as reinforcement, transmission towers, bridges, sheds, and so on. Their anti-corrosion property extends the life of structures constructed with them. While manufacturing the Bharat Steels Mild Steel angle iron, all quality standards are met, providing additional assurance of strength and safety for your structure. This makes us the top MS steel suppliers in Chennai.

Bharat Steels Mild Steel Angles are available in a wide range of sizes, grades, and finishes. Our products are extremely cost-effective, allowing you to reduce the overall cost of your construction process. Our mild steel angles can be easily customized to meet your needs by cutting, drilling, and machining them to size. Many Steel Dealers don’t serve diverse steel products ranging from MS chequered plate, JSW steel, and a lot more

The most commonly asked question regarding Mild Steel angle by many people is how to calculate its weight effectively!

What is the weight of a Mild Steel angle per meter and how is it calculated? 

  • Mild Steel angles are steeled L-shaped structures that are represented by the dimensions of their sides and thickness.
  • Mild Steel angle is made up of two parts: flange and web.
  • The bottom and horizontal part of a Mild Steel angle is known as the flange, and the top vertical part of a Mild Steel angle is known as the web.
  • It has equal sides, for example, 50506 mm means that both the flap and web of a Mild Steel angle are 50 mm in length and 6 mm in thickness.
  • MS angle is made up of a flange and a web, and it comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 25253 mm to 130 130 12 mm. The weight of an ms angle is calculated in kilograms per meter or kilograms per foot. Higher dimensions have a higher weighted value, while lower dimensions have a lower weighted value. In this calculation, we will use an MS angle with a length of 75756 mm as an example.

    Applications of HR Steel

    March 29, 2021

    It is usually used in applications where the finish isn’t vital to the project because of its dull surface finish. Many kinds of hot-rolled steel sheets are supplied by the leading Steel Dealers and Steel Suppliers in Chennai.

    Although most people would characterize this dull, boring type of steel with the word “lacklustre,” it is actually one of the more interesting in appearance (besides galvanized which we will get to later). Dry hot-rolled sheets and coils are a darker grey than most other steel forms, with a silvery blue, almost purple stripe running down both sides. The stripe’s color gives the feeling that the steel’s surface is still hot to the touch. This, though, is due to the hot rolling phase and residual mill size. These types of steel are generally supplied by MS steel suppliers in Chennai.

    Automotive and Truck Frames dump truck made of hot-rolled steel

    So, maybe you’re not a big fan of art. Truck and car seat frames are also made of hot-rolled steel. To help prevent rusting and allow for painting, the metal is normally pickled and oiled (P&O) before being used in this application.

    Sculptures in the Arts

    Hot rolled dry steel is one of the most widely used steel forms for art sculptures due to its distinctive finish (besides stainless steel). The colour variations in the steel sheets give the sculpture a unique personality. The disadvantage of hot roll drying is that it is susceptible to rusting because it lacks a finish. However, you may find a sculpture with a rusted finish in a hotel lobby, airport, or office building. The sculpture was most likely made of hot rolled steel that had been left to rust before being coated with a protective finish (or it could have just been sandblasted to look like rust, either way, it is likely still hot-rolled)

    Pickling and Oiling Process with Hot-Rolled Pickles

    The P&O process cleans the mill scale by removing the black oxide scale. After the P&O process, the MS chequered plate is given a better surface finish, and it is now known as hot rolled P&O. P&O that has been hot rolled has a cleaner, more even finish. It is slightly less dark in colour and no longer has prominent, bright strips along the edges.

    Agriculture Machinery

    So you’re not interested in art or automobiles? Then maybe you’re a farmer. Because of its high strength and formability, hot-rolled steel is commonly used in agricultural machinery. Depending on the steel grade, the formability of hot-rolled P&O can vary from simple bends to complex draws. Harvesters, tractors, and other farm equipment all benefit from the power that hot-rolled steel provides. Know that the next time you go grain harvesting, you’re probably riding on a huge green hot rolled rig.

    The benefits of using MS chequered plate

    March 22, 2021

    MS Chequered plates that are delivered by some of the leading Steel Dealers in Chennai have many benefits in several industries and sectors majorly due to their wearability and extremely high slip resistance. They are amazing at absorbing shock and they also have a very high resistance to distortions. This makes them a perfect fit for heavy usage purposes. You need to select the MS Chequered plate that can easily withstand a higher range of temperature and moderate alkaline environment. 

    MS steel suppliers in Chennai carefully manufacture top-quality MS Chequered plates that are made with the best sourced raw materials for the best quality output. They are extremely well known in the construction industry as they are the most preferred material that is available at an affordable cost. Not only that, they are used in several other notable industries. MS Chequered plates undergo the right and optimum quality control checks for negating the ills and defects of the products. This also helps them come out as uniformly designed products for better strength and usage in the long run without having to maintain it and audit it frequently.

    Now, when it comes to MS plate prices in Chennai they come in varied ranges. Most of the MS Chequered plates come at affordable prices in case you place bulk orders. Thus it’s essential to pre-plan your requirements and thus place an order considering your present and future requirements. This will save you a lot of your time and money. Hence to do this more efficiently you can discuss with your team members and professional consultants to better optimize your requirements and place the right order. Next comes the size of the MS Chequered plates that you will be ordering from the leading steel dealers. Whether it is 3mm, 12mm, or any other size ranging from small, medium to large sizes you need to carefully select them. Measure what your previous requirements were and analyze will it be enough this time. While there might be sudden requirements that might emerge suddenly due to unforeseen demands. So it’s important to have a backup stock of different sizes of MS Chequered plates in case of any sudden and important requirement. Hence after you have rightly assessed important aspects such as your budget of the MS Chequered plates, size of the MS Chequered plates, and so on, you can finally go ahead and buy the MS Chequered plates from a leading steel dealer.

    The importance of steel recycling for a sustainable future

    February 19, 2021
    Steel Dealers

    Steel is an extremely important material that is used in our day-to-day activities. Steel is a versatile material and the most in-demand. Right from construction, industrial, commercial, and even for domestic purposes life without steel is quite hard to imagine and sustain. But what if I told you that we all need to be a bit more careful about our steel consumption and make sure we recycle every piece of steel we use. The leading Steel Suppliers always make sure that they reuse and recycle the steels they supply and use effectively.

    Our world roughly produces 1.6 billion metric tons of steel every year and that amount is just so huge to infer. Also, steel is one of the only versatile materials in the world to be completely recyclable and reusable in different forms. Recycling is done for many reasons like ecological reasons, environmental reasons, and much more. Recycling steel also helps lowering pollution and emission levels to a great extent. It is super affordable to use recycled steel than to use new steel. Since recycled steel may not be as durable and robust as its original form of steel, hence we can use recycled steel for smaller purposes like domestic usage rather than large-scale commercial activity. Thus the Steel Dealers in Chennai are always sure of the performance and grade of the steel that you use for large-scale purposes.

    A lot of Steel Dealers understand the importance of recycling and reusing steel and have already started to replace new steel with recyclable steel wherever possible! As mentioned above, for small-scale purposes only! Recycling and reusing steel also has another advantage: it helps us to meet the ever-growing demand for steel throughout the country. And we could easily meet the required needs without ecologically compromising on our pristine environments. Though steel reusing and recycling is being done more in western countries slowly there is a paradigm shift here as well! Indians too have realized the importance and benefits of steel reusing and recycling. After all, sustainability is vividly defined by the 3 P’s. and they are people, profit, and the planet. Thus everyone needs to be aware, conscious, and responsible regarding the scope of steel reusing and recycling for ecological, environmental, and economical benefits for us. We shouldn’t ignore the fact that steel plays a crucial role out of all the metals we require.

    How To Protect Your Steel Railings From Corrosion?

    February 9, 2021
    Steel Suppliers in Chennai

    Rust is one of the most prevalent problems when it comes to anything about steel surfaces. Though it’s a long term phenomenon, it’s still very important to take it under consideration. 

    The best Steel Dealers in Chennai ensure to deliver top quality steel that resists rust formation for longer periods. Rust on any surface makes it look dull, ugly, and unpleasant. 

    We refrain from keeping our hands or just any other objects on top of a rusted surface. Basically, rust is nothing but a layer of mild steel or a part of carbon steel that gets corroded over time. 

    Carbon steel has very low resistance power. Mild steel is being used since it’s cost-effective and will bring about good profit margins to the dealers when compared to stainless steel.

    Get in touch with the best Steel Suppliers to make sure that you use premium quality steel. There are several effective ways that you can use to protect your steel railings from accumulating unwanted and undesired rust. 

    The best way to increase the effectiveness of your steel railing is to galvanize it with a layer of zinc. This will efficiently prevent the surface of the steel railing from further corrosion. 

    After you have effectively galvanized the surface of your steel railings you can consider finishing it off with powdered coating. Adding a layer of zinc will help you make your steel railing look completely new, it will give a smooth finishing and a glossy effect and it is very affordable compared to other methods. 

    A better method to prevent your steel railings from getting rusted is to have an early inspection conducted by skilled professional Steel Dealers from the industry. 

    Make sure that all of your repairing and maintenance work is done regularly. 

    Thus by galvanization, ensuring quality checks and regular inspections you can effectively prevent rusting of your steel railings and make them look more glossy in the long run.

    Reasons Why Designers Prefer Structural Steel

    December 29, 2020

    Steel is an alloy of iron that typically consists of a few percent of carbon to improve its fracture resistance and it is considered one of the world’s most important construction materials. The Steel Dealers play a pivotal role in the construction industry and enhance the longevity of their building structures with high durabilities. They sell a wide range of Steel and Iron products of various sizes for accomplishing the requirements of the clients.

    Reasons Why Designers Prefer Structural Steel:

    Speed Of Construction:

    Structural Steel enhances the productivities in the construction and maintains tight construction tolerances due to its metal fabrication. Building Information Modeling and 3-D interoperability provide close co-operation between the steel contractors and the designers in the fabrication, design, and erection of steel structures. This technology saves both money and time in the process of construction.

    Lower Costs Of Projects:

    As projects are evaluated by comparing the current cost data of the manufacturing, structural steel remains to be at lower costs for the majority of the construction projects. Structural steel framing systems including both fire protection and decking costs 5% to 7% less than a concrete framing system as indicated by the comparative studies on a national basis which is one of the reasons for the preference of it.

    Excellent Aesthetic Appeal:

    Architects get excited whenever they expose the natural beauty of steel due to the excellent design of their structures in emphasizing slenderness, strength, and transparencies of frames. Structural steel allows the project architect to create their designs innovatively than the other construction materials. They can be rolled and bent which enhances the aesthetic appeal of the structures.

    High Strength:

    Structural steel holds high strength when the buildings are constructed as it typically consists of 50 ksi (kilo-pound per square inch) materials indicating that it yields 50,000 pounds per square inch in both tension and compression.

    High Sustainability:

    Sustainability is one of the most important factors for the preference of structural steel as it is the most recycled material on the planet and it empties the salvage yards thereby allowing the lands to be used for other purposes.


    Structural steel buildings can be modified in the future for loading conditions, new applications, vertical expansions, and changes in the desires of the people through several ways than other framing systems. New staircases can be added to the existing buildings by removing a portion of the floor decking and even desired stair structures can be added to the buildings. These types of changes are accomplished with the help of structural steel.


    Structural steel buildings optimize the space efficiencies of the buildings through the use of slender columns and maximize the integration of HVAC(Heat, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems which allow the reduction of floor-to-floor heights.

    Thus, the designers prefer using structural steel not only for all the above reasons but also for their least MS plate price in Chennai which is offered due to their efficient production techniques in the supply chain.

    Various kinds of Steel and its uses

    November 23, 2020

    Steel is an alloy of Iron and Carbon and other elements and Iron is the base metal of steel. Steel can withstand corrosion due to the application of chromium oxide. We mainly use steel in constructions in the form of TMT bars, most commonly SAIL TMT Bars

    Steel can be categorized into four groups:

    1) Carbon Steels

     Carbon steel are made from a combination of iron and carbon. We can make steel of different qualities by varying the percentage of carbon. In general, the higher the amount of carbon the stronger and brittle the steel will be. The low carbon steel is called Wrought Iron and will be used in decorative articles. Medium carbon steel is very strong in nature and is mainly used for constructing large structures like bridges. High carbon steel is used in wires etc.

    2) Alloy Steels:

     Alloy steels are made up of a small percentage of one or more metals besides Iron. The addition of alloys changes the properties of Iron and various varieties of steel are created. We can distinguish different qualities of steel based on their property. 

    3) Stainless Steel

    Stainless steel at least contains 10% – 20% of Chromium which makes the steel extremely resistant to corrosion (rust). The stainless steels are of three types;

    Austenitic Steel: These steels have a high amount of chromium and also contain a smaller amount of carbon and nickel. These are non-magnetic and are very commonly used for food processing and piping.

    Ferritic Steel: These steels contain about 15% chromium and fewer amounts of carbon and other metal alloys. These steels can be strengthened further by cold working. These steels are magnetic, strong, and hard in nature.

    Martensitic steel: This steel contains a moderate amount of chromium, nickel, and carbon. These are magnetic and heat-treatable. These steels are used to make cutting tools like a knife, surgical equipment, etc.

    4) Tool steel

     These steels are made up of tungsten, molybdenum, cobalt, and vanadium. These are heat resistant materials and durable in nature. These are used to make hardware tools like drillers etc. Steel dealers will usually have a stock of different grades of steel. If you are interested in learning more about steel then approach them to gain more knowledge. To know more about steel and which type is more suitable for your requirement, kindly click here – JSW steel dealers in Chennai

    Steel Is The Most Used Material In A Vehicle

    November 7, 2020

    Steel In Automobile Industry

    Steel is one of the most used metals in the Engineering world. Many industries rely on Steel, in that, the Automobile industry relies too much on steel. Many Steel Suppliers supply steel to the Automobile industry and Construction industry than other industries. 

    Because steel can be engineered in a variety of ways to meet the need of the vehicle’s safety and its handling ability. 

    Automotive Steel - A History of Steel Within the Automotive Industry - PR  GURU

    Why Is Steel Used More In Vehicle?

    Steel acquires almost 60% in a Vehicle (the main part of the vehicle is made of steel).

    A vehicle should be strong enough to handle the opposing pressure. 

    For example, The vehicle has to absorb the crash that is happening at the front end of the vehicle. When the crash energy is absorbed, it does not allow the vehicle to shake more and keeps the passenger more protected inside.

    And at the same time, the vehicle has to be strong enough to divert the crash energy, as the vehicle should not get more damage. 

    Both these requirements are achieved by steel. This is the main reason, steel is chosen as the best material for Manufacturing Vehicles. 

    Steel Dealers in Chennai supply vast amounts of Stainless steel to the Automobile Industry in different sizes for different components of the vehicle. 

    Usage of Steel Is Increasing in Automobile Industry

    Steel Industries has been working hard to reduce the emission and control it by manufacturing steel vehicles. As the automobile industry is using more steel for their products, they only emit CO2, which is quite an effortless job to manage the emission produced by it. 

    Steel is a 100% recyclable material, so even the waste stuff can be heated and used as automobile components. As steel is totally recyclable, it does not fade in quality, yes the quality of the steel remains the same, even after heat treating it numerous times. 

    Remains of the same quality are called closed-loop, and this can be only achieved in steel.

    Also, while recycling, the work requires more energy and takes a lot of time to get the perfect structure, here steel responds easily as per the engineers. 

    These are all the reasons why steel is used more in the AutoMobile industry. 


    Constantly world steel is trying their best to reduce the emission and control the unwanted gas. We are proud that we are one of the Steel Suppliers in Chennai, who supply quality stainless steel to many Industries for a better environment. 


    September 2, 2020

    Bharat Steel Chennai Pvt Ltd provides supreme quality branded steel products produced by SAIL and RINL. Product list consists of LONG and FLAT products like TMT BARS, M.S ANGLES, M.S CHANNELS, R.S JOIST, M.S ROUNDS, M.S WIRE RODS, RAILS, HR SHEETS, HR COILS, HR PLATE, CR SHEETS, and GP/GC SHEETS.

    We are concerned about the Best Steel Suppliers in Tamil Nadu to deliver Iron and Steel Products across all the cities of Tamil Nadu. We have a great deal with all the leading manufacturers, importers and stockists to help you in tracing the best quality material. We also offer the best TMT Bars, Ms chequered plate, and C & Z purlins at an affordable price.

    We sell a wide range of Iron and Steel products with various sizes to accomplish the client’s requirements. We enable prompt delivery, competitive prices, and the quality assurance of products. With more than 25 years in the field, we are the Best Steel Suppliers in Chennai.

    Whether it is for residential homes, grand bridges or skyscrapers, the use of steel is a major part of giving support to a structure. Our steel products are well examined to meet the architect’s expectation for its ability to provide more freedom in design to generate new unique buildings. 

    There are many benefits of steel construction. The steel gives long term durability, adaptability. The building structures that rely on steel can get more strength.

    Major Advantages of using MS & JSW Steel

    Speed of construction

    The building structures that rely on steel agenda can be constructed faster, due to its flexibility in framing. The faster working process is possible due to the accuracy and certainty of the steel parts. The speed of the erecting steel is much easier and faster than building with a concrete frame. Mild Steel is mostly used in the construction field to make the work faster.

    The short construction time is appreciated on the internal city projects. It is important to avoid disrupting nearby buildings and roads. MS steel suppliers in chennai offer various structural mild steel as per the customer’s need.

    Cost savings

    In recent years, the cost of steel has been reduced. This is due to the efficient production techniques which are observed during the supply chain. We are the best Steel Dealers and Suppliers in Chennai, who offer High-Quality steel at the best price in the market.

    Long-life durability

    The steel is highly durable, and it lasts for a long time without decay and aging. Steel is a type of material that does not clink, distort, warp, buckle, and splinter. Based on our requirements, we can cut and shape steel.

    Health and Safety

    For all kinds of building and construction, health and safety are necessary for any business sector. As a construction material, steel is valued as the safest material choices. Steel Dealers in Chennai provide high-quality products for both residential and commercial purposes.