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Bharat steels - MS plate price in Chennai

Depending on the intended use of MS plates, like general manufacture, they are frequently offered in a range of grades. Most often, mild steel is employed; nevertheless, carbon/alloy steel may be necessary when there is increased wear and tear. Where there is a steady flow of water or chemicals, stainless steel is used.

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Thickness Weight
mm Kg/sq.m
5 39.25
6 47.1
8 62.8
10 78.5
12 94.2
14 109.9
16 125.6
18 141.3
20 157
22 172.7
25 196.25
28 219.8
32 251.2
36 282.6
40 314
45 353.2
50 392.5
56 439.6
63 494.5
71 557.4
80 628


  • General structurals
  • Flanging and forming operations
  • Atmospheric corrosion resistance, coal handling plant equipment like chutes, decking plates and other structures.
  • Boilers and pressure vessels
  • Penstock and high degree of abrasion resistance applications
  • Abrasion resistant
  • High Tensile
  • Ship Building
  • Oil and gas pipeline manufacturing
  • Industrial Flooring
  • Galvanizing Pots
  • Fabrication of long members in auto sector

Steel & steel products offered by Bharat Steels are used by a wide range of industries. We offer flat materials which include MS chequered plate and HR sheets in addition to long products like TMT rebars, MS angles, and MS beams. Our customers can purchase each of these items for reasonable prices. As a result, Bharat Steel’s MS plate price in Chennai is less competitive without compromising its quality.

Our products hold up well in a variety of applications. It complies with industry standards to help you accomplish your architectural goals. Prior to the products of ours is delivered to the customers, we adhere to strict quality and safety tests. Because we have focused on keeping the production cost low despite utilizing advanced manufacturing processes, our MS plate price in Chennai would be considerably below the market price. It guarantees that we can provide our customers with specialty products at the most reasonable price.

Due to the possibility of our clients' financial success and our ability to meet their specific needs, this results in a win-win situation. Although the cost of MS plates in Chennai might range from Rs. 45 to Rs. 100, Bharat Steels would attempt to price our products according to the client's requirements. It assures that customers pay the appropriate price. As a result, we are among the reputable steel suppliers who do not demand anything less than or more than what they receive value from.

Why should you prefer Bharat Steels?

Resilient steel constructions are necessary in the present architectural world if you want to assure the lifetime of any building or construction you desire to complete. Bharat Steels is able to produce goods of the highest caliber as a result. Our pledge is not merely spoken; it is undoubtedly put into practice with each client of ours.

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Best MS plate price in Chennai

MS Bharat Steels is now offering the finest MS steel products with MS plate price in Chennai starting at Rs. 62,000/-. These products form an integral part of the construction industry as they have tensile strength, malleability, and ductility. We offer a competitive MS plate price in Chennai making it available for every project contractor and builder to make their structure resilient against every internal and external factors.