MS chequered plate

Best MS Chequered Plates

The skeleton of any building constructed is the steel that goes into it. It gives the building a structural framework and helps the building to stand for many years. Be it a domestic construction or modern construction project, steel is the most crucial structural material. Steel dealers play a vital role in providing high-quality steel products to the customers at the right time of requirement.

Bharat Steels presents you with the high and best quality supply of SAIL TMT Bar, at a very reasonable price for every construction need. Whether it's something little, like an automobile component, or something large, like a ship, we can guarantee that you'll get the best checkered plate possible from us. When steel is placed through the fabrication process, it can take on many shapes. They can initially be hard TMT bars, but they can also be pounded into sheets to meet the project's requirements.

The MS chequered plate is the most well-liked item in our line of steel products. They serve as the ideal illustration of how steel is used today. These plates can be utilized extensively for reinforcing reasons in a range of construction-related scenarios because of their high core strength. This type of plate typically has a hard outer core and a soft inner core. Use the MS chequered plate, which has a high coefficient of friction, to provide maximum skid resistance in any construction project. It will give you a solid grip and help you prevent tripping and falling in industrial settings. With our checker plate you can be sure that it is rigid, durable and resistant to all conditions.

Products benefit from these plates' enhanced functionality. We are the top steel suppliers in Chennai for affordable, high-quality C & Z purlins. Our MS plate price in Chennai is really reasonable and can be accommodated in your building budget.

Almost all residential and commercial buildings employ the MS chequered plate, which has numerous applications that have become popular recently. They are frequently utilized for immediate assembly reasons since they are so simple to assemble. The extra-durable heavy gauge material is being used as supplementary material. These plates are chosen for architecture and construction because they provide an appealing finish and require little upkeep.

In the plant, each unit of steel plates is produced at a distinct cost. Steel joints, metals, and beams, which are frequently used in industries, are a few examples of steel plate construction materials. The steel chequer plate we produce can resist different weather conditions and be cut into a wide range of shapes and forms in accordance with our specifications or the client's requirements.

The MS chequered plate has the following uses and benefits:

Utilization :

  • They are utilized on industrial floors because of their capacity for friction, which helps prevent falls and slides while handling cargo.
  • Over a closed gutter or culvert, grating
  • When installed in the proper locations, they can be utilized to improve the building's overall structural strength and support.
  • You can avail them in various designs like diamond, teardrops, and many more
  • MS chequered plate are easy clean than the other flooring steel products
  • They are also used in the indoors to prevent the foot pressure
  • Sometimes MS chequered plates are used as interiors for stair runners and tabletops


  • There are numerous thicknesses and widths available for the MS chequered plate. As a result, you have a wide range of options to choose from, based on your construction needs
  • Bright and clear surface
  • Provides high friction resulting in high skid resistance
  • Property consistency