Best SAIL TMT Bar For Sale at Bharat Steels


SAIL TMT Bar is high strength reinforcement bar that is ideal for any kind of construction project. Schools, Warehouses, Industrial Buildings, Bridges, Dams, and Power Plants. Using SAIL TMT Bar makes the entire structure strong and more resistant to external pressure. They offer the maximum load-bearing capacity and the bars can be tailor-made to fit the requirements of your distinct building needs. Therefore, it is all the more important to get the best quality of steel products from reputed Steel Suppliers.

Bharat Steels have been in this business for so long now Which has made us the best sail Tmt Bar Dealers in the market. Our products always conform to the standards set by the industry. We have never backed down from providing only the highest quality of steel products to our clients across industries and for many applications. All this commitment to exceeding each one of your expectations has made us one of the best Steel Dealers in Chennai. Our services are not only restricted to supplying SAIL TMT Bars but also extend to the production of the MS chequered plate as well. We the tmt bars manufacturers in Chennai have no doubt regarding the quality or the suitability of our products to your construction. Our long tenure in this business has acclimated us to the changing needs of the market. However, at every step, we make sure to comply with that dynamic environment and fulfill the client’s needs. In order to satisfy our clients, we supply steel products at an affordable cost as compared to the general market rate. For instance, our MS plate price in chennai low-cost and can enable more profitability for you. However, the standards of our products are unparalleled to that of other Steel Dealers

Best SAIL TMT price

Speaking of price, at Bharat Steel, the SAIL TMT price for the products starts at Rs.64,000 is considered as the most affordable and customer-friendly budget for many construction builders out there. As SAIL TMT bars are ideal for corrosion-prone zones, we the tmt steel bars wholesale dealers ensure that we offer these TMT bars at a considerable rate to the constructors of coastal and industrial areas without compromising its quality.


  • They have more durable ribs that increase the AR values to a range of 100%-150% beyond the traditional laid out standards of CTDs or other TMTs at a competitive SAIL steel price.
  • The SAIL TMT price are reaching new heights because of their great flexibility as they can be bent according to the needs of the building. The tmt bar offered by the tmt bar wholesale suppliers can be welded with other materials to form a more sturdy material. Among others, they also have high resistance to fatigue and therefore can bear the weight of the roof or anything that is built upon it with higher efficiency. This has led to the increase in the tmt bar price exponentially.
  • The sectional weights of these products conform to the general standards as stated in the BIS code. It ensures the maximum meterage per unit weight The strength of the SAIL TMT Bar is never compromised even when they are exposed to constant high temperatures. Therefore, it ensures the overall stability of the building.
  • The blend of strength, malleability and stress ratio in good measure enables the SAIL TMT Bar to be fire and seismic-resistant. In addition to the above, this has high corrosion resistance properties


MM Weight Kg/m
8 0.395
10 0.617
12 0.95
16 1.58
20 2.47
25 3.86
28 4.83
32 6.36



  • The SAIL TMT Bar can be used as a general concrete reinforcement in high rise buildings, bridges, and other concrete structures
  • Since they are more prone to rust and do not react too much to the external environment, they can be used in buildings that are exposed to the coastal climate, or underground environment.
  • Construction exposed to coastal, marine or underground environment
  • Additionally, steels are highly resistive against corrosion